Loschn Face Sculpting


Initial appointments are 45 minutes.  Follow up appointments vary based on your requirements.


Wear a shirt with an open collar.  The Loschn Method is performed on exposed skin.


The Loschn Facial Method is performed from just below the collarbone into the neck and face.


Initial Consult may be covered by health insurance.

Initial Facial is $110/ 45 min

Clinical follow ups with Dr. Scholz are $70 for 15 min and $140 for 30 min.

Esthetics are $50 for 20 min and $100 for 40 min.

Product is extra.

Packages for Esthetics

Packages of 3 are 10% off.

Packages of 6 are 10% off with $10 off of product.

Packages of 12 are 10% off with a complimentary session.

The Method

It is a very fast way to lose lines and swelling from your face as well as discoloration and bags from under your eyes.  The result is improved firmness and elasticity of the skin, increased micro-circulation and thus hydration of the skin and sharpened features.  We’ll bring out your eyes, sharpen your jawline and remove your underchin inflammation. With your treatment plan these effects will last and help to increase the muscle volume and tone, giving you a much more healthy and youthful appearance.  Have we mentioned you will feel amazing?

In the Loschn Room a brief medical history and ‘before’ photos will be taken.  We’ll listen to you and note any concerns you have based on your personal skin care needs.

Dr. Scholz will address your issues through evaluation and treatment using The Loschn Method.

The session will feel pleasant and relaxing.  Most clients tell us that their face feels more awake.

From this session, your case will be determined as being a clinical issue or an esthetic issue.

At the end of your session, the Loschn Therapist will then take ‘after’ photos, answer your questions, indicate products best suited for your issues and provide for you tips on homecare.


Can I wear makeup?

It’s best to not wear makeup.  If you come with makeup on it will be removed for your session.  We have an area for anyone wanting to touch up!

Will I have a red face after?

After your session you will look and feel amazing.  The Löschn Method creates a more even complexion and draws away redness.

Is it good for sensitive skin?

Yes!  Your session will actually strengthen your skin and make it less sensitive.

Does it hurt?

The Loschn Method feels amazing.  It is very relaxing.


Loschn Body Sculpting


Your first session will be 45 minutes long.  Follow up appointments vary based on your requirements.


Please bring fitted shorts for core/legs or a tank/sports bra for arms and chest areas.


Initial Consult may be covered by health insurance.

Body Sculpt is $200/ 30 min

Dr. Scholz will address your issues through evaluation and treatment using The Loschn Method.

These sessions require energy as you will be moving a lot.  Please hydrate after!

At this session your areas of concern will be identified and any questions you have will be answered. Product suggestions and tips for homecare will also be provided.

The Method

The Loschn Body Method addresses your problem areas.  Naturally. Quickly.

The skin will begin to glow and look youthful.

Dr. Robin Scholz has worked his entire career treating high level athletes.  One major characteristic he sees with athletes is ‘the majority of athletes look amazing because their soft tissues are clean and their proportions are normal, or optimal.’

The Loschn Method is a proprietary method of treating what people think of as fat.  ‘Knowing what that really is and why it’s there is a key reason The Loschn Method is so important and effective.  It’s why we’re growing so fast as a company.’


What kind of machine do you use?

We use our hands while you move in certain motions.

What does Loschn actually do?

Loschn is a powerful, proprietary form of lymphatic drainage.  The process re-establishes lymphatic flow that has been blocked or trapped.

Who gets Loschn?

People who look or feel soft or swollen come to Loschn to look and feel leaner and more toned.

People with a trouble spot come to Loschn to get rid of it and also to understand why it’s there.

People who have lost muscle volume or flexibility come to Loschn to see fuller and more ripped muscles with more range of motion.

People who like to look their very best.

People who are going to have surgery.  They come to Loschn before and after to heal faster.

Pre-beach trip bodies show up regularly.  If you’re new to Loschn, start 2 weeks before.  If you’re regular with Loschn come for 2-3 touch-ups before you travel.

Is there down time?

There is no down time.  In some areas you may experience light, superficial bruising depending on how hard you want to work.  Bruising usually lasts 24-48 hours if it occurs.

How fast will I see results?

Results are immediate and improve with each session.

How long will it last?

Results will last longer after each session.  Once you like what you’re seeing, most people return at 3-4 week intervals for touch-ups.  Your results can be permanent with some modifications to your posture and home routine.

Can I do my whole body?


Are there any side effects?

Yes.  Your skin will feel softer and less bumpy.  

Your skin will have more elasticity and glow because of renewed and improved circulation to the skin. Fact:  Increased circulation to the skin means increased hydration of the skin.

Stretch marks will become skin-coloured.

You’ll feel empowered in your own body.  

Why can’t I get completely lean if I’m eating clean and exercising regularly?  

The reason for this varies (hormones, sensitivities…) but what we have found is that people look soft around injuries or areas of stress.  Having babies naturally or via c-section creates a huge amount of trauma and swelling for women that stays with them and accumulates with time.  Loschn can reverse the damage and remove the swelling.

It works even if it’s hormonal?


Does it work for everyone?

It is much harder to see excellent results on people who do not exercise.  A revved up metabolism works with the Loschn Method very well.

Thank you for booking a Loschn Method session!  

You will see and feel a difference after your first time.  

You’ll be happy you took this time for yourself.