Robin’s body sculpting treatment on my legs was a game changer for me. I am a medical student who is on my feet all day in the hospital. I came in with swollen, puffy and sore legs. It’s truly hard to describe how much better I felt after our session... As if the inflammation from the prior months on my feet had disappeared. I felt lighter on my feet and fresh enough to start running again for the first time in months. Over the half hour session, Robin combined deep tissue massage with dynamic movement. While on my surgery rotation in school, I witnessed a procedure called lymphoscintigraphy that shows lymph “light up” inside the body... As we massaged the arm in the procedure, we could see the lymph begin to circulate within the lymphatic vessels. Within this context, Robin’s work makes a lot of sense. He understands the lymphatic drainage system and is able to improve lymphatic circulation and reduce inflammation. Thank you, Robin, for your expertise and all you do to heal your patients!
— Tatiana
Our 14 year old daughter was experiencing very severe acne. She had been taking oral medication to treat her acne with very limited results. Dr Scholz recommended that she try the Löschn facial treatments. She has currently had 4 treatments and her acne and complexion are significantly improved. Her skin is smoother and brighter. Her acne is almost gone!
— Gillian
The facial treatment really helped me to release tension in my neck and jaw! I swear I could have spent a whole hour in that chair getting the facial. I also noticed it helped with my hormonal acne that I’ve been struggling with. Bonus is that your jaw-line and neck are more defined afterwards :)
— C.T.
The facial was a very interesting experience since I’ve never had anything like it before. The process was enjoyable, and the results were immediate. I noticed my skin had a more overall even tone and it was much smoother looking/feeling than before. I also noticed my cheekbones were much more defined which is a major plus!
— Brooklyn
I cannot get over the results I have seen already! I’m constantly telling people about the facial and trying to prove that I did not in fact get lip injections! I would absolutely recommend this to anyone and everyone.
— Amanda
The Loschn facial is amazing. It’s relaxing and not painful but provides immediate results. I like that it’s a non-invasive, natural alternative to botox.
— R.A.
I got a facial treatment from Loschn and I loved it. Afterwards, I felt more awake and my skin was tighter and I looked less tired, and I didn’t think I looked that tired before! I’m definitely recommending this place to my mom and my sister.
— Tessa
I was not anticipating the results that I received with my facial. After my first session with Daryn, I could feel the swelling go down on my face. I am very pleased with how taut and smooth my skin feels now!!
— Marina
The practitioners were great. The facial was very relaxing and the results I got from the body sculpting I felt more than I saw. I have soft tissue damage and scar tissue on my hips from athletic overuse injuries. My low back hasn’t felt this good in a long time.
— Adriana
I received the body sculpting on my core area and glutes/thighs, not only did I notice a difference in my muscle tone and skin, but it was like I had gotten a massage! My tight muscles and fascia felt loosened up afterwards. Dr Scholz did an amazing job and I love how he explained everything while he worked on me. I left feeling confident and great about my body.
— Chyenne
I’m really impressed with the body sculpting. I noticed immediate results and I have seen positive changes in my body. Dr. Scholz is also really informative and doesn’t leave you in the dark about anything. I’ve learned so much about my own body in just 2 sessions and I have seen great results. Will definitely be going back for more treatments!
— B.B.
I absolutely loved my body sculpting treatments at Loschn. Dr. Robin was very informative and provided details on what he was doing, how my body was reacting to it and lifestyle changes to fully take advantage of the treatment. The results were quick, and the treatment wasn’t painful at all. Highly recommend!
— Rachel
Lovely staff, effective services and really helpful as I got so many answers about my health.
— Maria
I’ve had 3 body sculpting sessions with Dr. Robin Scholz and I can see improvements with my legs after every session. I’ve always had very strong, muscular, legs but due to daily habits like crossing my legs, or sitting on chairs too long due to school, I have developed lots of fluid retention and muscle damage which causes swelling. Dr. Scholz has helped guide me in a direction where I can reduce the swelling and fluid retention with his help, and treatments I can work on at home. Dr. Scholz makes me feel very comfortable and confident during every appointment. I would highly recommend seeing him for this type of treatment!
— Teagan