Our Mission

Our mission is to offer an alternative to invasive skincare treatments for the face, neck, chest and body and keep our clients looking and feeling their best through science based facial fitness, toning and contouring.



Löschn is an innovative method of skin pre-juvenation and anti-aging treatment developed by Dr. Robin Scholz as an alternative to harmful injections and invasive procedures. The Löschn Facial Method employs an affordable and completely non-invasive process of stimulating micro-circulation, firming collagen and improving lymphatic flow thereby reducing the signs and symptoms of stress and tension, fatigue, poor posture, poor diet, decreased activity and aging.

With the increasingly popular practice of anti-aging and skin rejuvenation, we’ve seen the advent of countless procedures and products that guarantee results without any proof of effectiveness. With The Löschn Method, Dr. Scholz and Kara Chomistek have discovered a proven way to replenish areas such as the face, neck, and chest by studying the effects of fluid retention and muscle fatigue in those areas.

Through a combination of tool-assisted massage, fascial stimulation and fluid-guiding, The Löschn Facial Method immediately reverses the effects of aging, resulting in symptomatic loss of muscle tension and improved firmness, softness and glow of the skin.

Clinical signs of improvement after the application of the method include sharpening of the jaw line, reduction of fluid under the chin, enhancement of the cheek bones, reduction of dark circles, puffiness and fine lines around the eyes, softer forehead and an overall uplifted, energized face.



Dr. Robin Scholz completed his Bachelor of Science in Physiology from the University of Calgary and his Doctor of Chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic West in California. Dr. Scholz has consulted for Alberta Ballet, the Calgary Hitmen, Olympic, intercollegiate and professional athletes from many sports. Dr. Scholz is currently expanding his expertise by applying his knowledge gained through athletic therapy to the beauty industry.


A patient I knew came to me in 2010 with severe head and facial pain.  He had been told he had a sinus infection. However he was on his third round of antibiotics with no change after many weeks of treatment. He was a triathlete and his body looked fit but his face was red, tense and swollen. I applied a method I often used on soft tissue restoration to his face and his pain and swelling went away after 3 treatments. 

Soon after, a 19 year old woman I had treated when she was around 16 years of age was waiting on a table near ours. She was a dancer and had the same athletic body but her face looked more swollen since the time of her last treatment. Her eyes were deep in her head, her face was round and puffy and she had excess fluid under her chin. It made me wonder...

I started observing her age group and realized how much of the day might be spent bent over a phone, hunching with her legs crossed or poking her chin forward while slouching at a computer.

I was listening to a dermatologist on the radio and a caller asked her why women aged differently than men. The radio show host asked for clarity.  The woman who had called in explained that the faces of women "droop" as they age while the faces of men do not. The dermatologist did not hesitate in her response:  ‘It’s because they shave. When you agitate the collagen in the skin you firm the skin’.

I started asking patients if I could perform my proprietary method using agitation and lymphatic drainage. Most were open to it and all saw immediate change. I began doing the technique on all age groups and both sexes. Results were always the same! I knew I had to get the message out as patients confided in me that they were concerned about the softness of their faces and jawline but did not know what to do.

Seven years later I have learned through many applications how to do the most efficient face sculpting in the most effective areas. We have opened our first Löschn Facial Bar and we’re seeing a very high demand for the service. Our application works to prevent aging of the skin and rejuvenate any signs of aging. This is our definition of pre-juvenation. 

I want people to know: That they have all the hydration, vitamins, biochemistry and anti-aging chemicals in their own bodies. If we keep swelling off of our faces and our collagen agitated then our circulation can deliver all that is good to our skin and work wonders – naturally and non-invasive.