The Method

The Löschn Method is a lymphatic and microcirculation facial. Results are achieved by agitating the collagen, draining lymphatic fluid and reducing interstitial swelling to tone, contour and tighten the face.

Using a medical grade steel tool, our therapists guide the inflammation away from the face, neck and chest to be carried away through the lymphatic system. This helps reduce swelling, softens the skin and reduces redness cause by inflammation.

The Löschn Method also boosts microcirculation, as we guide built up inflammation out, blood flow is increased to areas previously blocked. Upper lips, eyes and neck are common first areas to even in complexion from this method. 

Collagen is also a major portion of the Löschn Method. By agitating the collagen with our tool, we encourage the collagen to duplicate in the dermis layer of our skin. Given multiple sessions, this boost in collagen builds areas such as the temples and cheeks that grow thin with aging.

The effects of Löschn are cumulative and last longer as we go through treatments.

Treatment Types


2x/week - 3 weeks

6 sessions to start you off on the right track. This contains your consult and treatments with your Therapist. Working to remove inflammation, swelling and redness to bring out your best features. Evening of complexion and collagen building begins here. 


1x/week - 1-2 weeks

Post Intensive, the swelling is gone, but it's time to build up that tone. Collagen building techniques target thin areas. Temples, cheeks, eyes and décolletage are key areas. 


1x - 4 weeks

Lymphatic system and collagen are trained and ready to work. Inflammation and swelling from daily stress and posture is easily removed with maintenance appointments on trained facial muscles. Maintenance treatments can also be applied Maintenance treatments can also be applied before special events and occasions.

Monthly memberships are offered to patients that have gone through the program.