How to Set Yourself Up for a Successful Digital Detox

How long does it take you to put down your phone and get out of bed in the morning? 5 minutes can easily turn into forty-five when you start bouncing from site to site. Don’t beat yourself up though. Social media and the internet are designed to lure us in, to keep us scrolling and engaged. Technology is part of almost every aspect of our lives so we can’t just purge our lives of it completely. But, we can mindfully examine and restructure how we spend our time online. This isn’t going to happen overnight so we hope you are ready for a brand new series on the Löschn blog. This is Part One of our Realistic Guide to a Successful Digital Detox.



The way each of us interacts with technology and the internet is unique; therefore, there are many ways to a successful digital detox . Here our four tips from the Löschn team to help you create your own successful roadmap to a healthier digital relationship! 

  1. Create boundaries: The foundation of any healthy relationship is firm boundaries. Perhaps your job doesn’t require an established social media presence or the use of a computer, but what if you rely on the internet for your livelihood? There is no one-size-fits-all approach to a digital detox, which is why it is important to create your own set of terms. Maybe this detox is a lifestyle change or it’s a week-long camping trip without cell-service. Whatever the cause may be, you get what you put into this so don't sell yourself short.

  2. Examine how you interact with technology: Before going completely cold turkey from your smart devices, take some time to examine how you interact with technology. Make a note of when you find yourself looking at your phone and how often. Check in with how you feel when you receive a notification and how those feelings change when you can’t immediately check your phone. Keep these thoughts in a journal or spend some time during the day to reflect on them. Don’t rush this step. It is important to thoroughly examine how you spend your time online in order to learn how to effectively utilize it.

  3. Set Your Detox Goals: What made you want to start a digital detox in the first place? After you have explored every layer of that question, set your own detox goals. Maybe you want to wake up earlier in the mornings but you stay up until 3 a.m. staring at your phone? Perhaps you want to develop a new hobby but can’t peel your eyes off your T.V. A detox is about carving time out of the day to do more of what makes you happy in the real world — not the digital universe we also inhabit. Maybe that means you binge-watching a show on Netflix or maybe it means you catch up on laundry or go for a bike ride.

  4. Get organized: The end result of this detox is to learn how to consume content you love in a thoughtful and stimulating way. To do that successfully, you must organize your digital space. This is an ongoing process. Start by unsubscribing from newsletters and mailing lists that no longer interest you. Streamline your inbox. Organize documents and photos by folders. Delete old accounts. Schedule tech-breaks. As you curate a positive and safe digital space for yourself, you will start to feel more in control of your relationship with the internet.

Remember, it is more than okay to block, unfollow, and hide whomever you need to during your detox. Just like the world around us, the internet is not all bad. It’s a matter of surrounding yourself with the right people. Enrich your life by engaging with informational outlets, and people that offer a new perspective, motivational words, or insightful information.

Stay tuned for PART 2 of Löschn’s Digital Detox series.

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