How To Maintain Your Skin’s Balance This Winter.

Although this winter has been pretty mild, the sudden and drastic drops in temperature have still managed to suck the moisture out of our skin.  Even with the return of milder weather, it’s not always easy to rebalance our skin. Here are 3 ways to help you maintain your skin’s moisture barrier this winter. 

  1. Use a Milder Cleanser


Does your face feel tight and dry after cleansing? Then it’s time to switch to a milder cleanser because your skin should feel clean but not stripped. Over-scrubbing, especially with an exfoliate, can cause microscopic tears and irritated and red skin. The length of time you later does not correlate to how well you cleansed your face. Aim for 20 or 30 seconds of lather before rinsing with lukewarm, not hot, water. If you prefer removing your makeup with wipes, you might need to reconsider how often you reach for one! Although they are quick and easy and get the job done in a flash, the emulsifiers in the wipes also remove much needed natural oils from your skin.

2. Use a Toner


Toners are not created equally.  Some dry out the skin, some remove makeup, and others deliver a thin layer of moisture like a primer — which makes them a great way to add moisture to your skin, without clogging it up.  But it’s important to take it slow when introducing a new product into your skincare regime. Start by using your toner once a day in the morning. If your skin isn’t breaking out or feeling extra dry, then you can begin using it in the morning and at night. We recommend choosing a toner that is free of alcohol even if you have oily skin, because it adds hydration without the risk of breakouts.

3. Keep it Simple


We all know that one person who looks ten years younger than everyone else her age. But what’s her secret? Besides regular exercises and staying out of the skin, she probably uses very little products on her skin. While we are constantly bombarded with ads for serums, cleansers, acne treatments, and home remedies, the truth is no one needs to use eight skin care products in the morning and ten at night. Your skin is much smarter than you think, and while it does need the right tools to function properly, overloading on too many products can actually cause more stress. This bad habit interferes with cell functions like communication and turnover, and believe it or not, one of the long term effects of this is premature aging.

Löschn’s golden rule of skincare is to simplify your daily routine. More is less, so do yourself and your bank account a favour! While these tips may seem somewhat general, everyone’s skin is different and naturally changes over time. Your Löschn Therapist in Calgary can create a personalized skincare routine that will meet your specific needs and offer real, proven results.

Daryn Tessier