The Löschn Method was invented in Calgary by Dr. Robin Scholz.

Our mission is to offer an alternative to invasive skincare treatments for the face, neck, chest and body and keep our clients looking and feeling their best through lymphatic drainage in combination with soft tissue techniques.


You’re worth it! naturally.


  • Soft and glowing skin

  • Reduced lines + wrinkles

  • Reduced facial bloating

  • Firmed collagen

  • Sharpened jawline + cheekbones

  • Sinus drainage

  • Firmer forehead

  • Energized, uplifted face


  • Immediate

  • Cost-effective

  • Non-invasive (no needles, fillers or botox)

  • Painless (no lasers)

  • All-natural


How it Works

The Löschn Method is a tool assisted lymphatic and microcirculation facial. Completely non-invasive, the Löschn Method guides away inflammation, boosts blood flow and builds collagen for a beautiful long term result. Guided by our Therapists, Löschn will take your through 3 steps: Intense, Enhance and Maintain. 



3 Treatment Package


  • 3 Treatment Plan
  • Our most-used package to treat your facial needs. 

  •  A packaged designed to get results for the main areas of your face. 

6 Treatment Package


  • A care package designed specifically for your facial needs.

  • Photo Documented Progress of your treatments
  • After care guidance to help maintain the affects of the Löschn treatment.

12 Treatment Package


  • 12 Session Treatment Plan including Intensives, Enhancement & Maintenance.
  • Experience immediate complexion improvement, sharper cheekbones & reduction of double chin.
I was not anticipating the results that I received with my facial. After my first session with Daryn, I could feel the swelling go down on my face. I am very pleased with how taut and smooth my skin feels now!!
— Marina
Our 14 year old daughter was experiencing very severe acne. She had been taking oral medication to treat her acne with very limited results. Dr Scholz recommended that she try the Löschn facial treatments. She has currently had 4 treatments and her acne and complexion are significantly improved. Her skin is smoother and brighter. Her acne is almost gone!
— Gillian
I got a facial treatment from Loschn and I loved it. Afterwards, I felt more awake and my skin was tighter and I looked less tired, and I didn’t think I looked that tired before! I’m definitely recommending this place to my mom and my sister.
— Tessa


Löschn Mission

Citizen Salon Studios

Room 332 #300, 508 24 Ave SW,

Calgary, AB T2S 0K4

Mission:  587 889 2223

löschn Westhills 

Westside Chiropractic & Löschn Facial Bar

#22 7337 Sierra Morena Blvd SW

Calgary, AB T3H 3V4

Westhills:  403 686 7242